SFCC has resumed in-person worship which includes Taiwanese/Mandarin and English service, in accordance to the King county regulation. We also want to take precaution for the safety of brothers and sisters as we watch out for any sudden changes.

High Risk Category

If you have been vaccinated, you are no longer considered High Risk. You are considered high risk if NOT vaccinated and you are over 65 with an underlying health conditions such as hemoglobin disorder and/or underlying medical conditions such as chronic heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, diabetes, iron overload, kidney disease, viral infections, severe obesity (defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above) or weakened immune system. If you are in the medical profession, assuming you are in good health, you may attend in-person worship services.



  • Over 65 years with underlying health condition
  • Tested for COVID and awaiting results
  • Fever (100.4oF) within the past 24 hours
  • Develop a new cough
  • Caring for those with COVID

After You Arrive


  • Wear face mask 
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Register at the reception
  • Keep social distancing



  • Limited to 1 person per restroom
  • Wash your hands