Topic: Sunday Service Translation


翻譯主頻道 (Primary Translation Channel)





翻譯副頻道 (Backup Translation Channel)









如果您想听翻譯,我們的新政策是“自帶設備”或 BYOD。您需要帶上自己的耳機和智能手機(或平板電腦)。我們為新來朋友或長者準備了幾台翻译器,但請您自備。

If you would like to listen to translation, our new policy is "Bring Your Own Device" or BYOD. You will need to bring your own headphone and smartphone (or tablet). We have prepared a few receivers for newcomers or elderly but you are expected to bring your own. 


1. Plug in your headphone/earplug

2. Click on one of the translation links during the time of service

    翻譯主頻道 (Primary Translation Channel)

    翻譯副頻道 (Secondary Translation Channel)

3. Dismiss the warning (if appears)

4. Click the Play button