Joining a fellowship or small group is one of the best way to experience family and community at SFCC!

We would love to help you connect with one of our fellowships/small groups.  Regardless of your age, place in life, or even the language you are most comfortable with, we probably a fellowship/small group that is perfect for you here at SFCC!

Comprising of anywhere from a handful of people (in a small group) to dozens (in a fellowship), our fellowships and small groups meet regularly at church or in individual homes for Bible study, accountability, mutual support, and practical love and service.  To learn more about our fellowships and small groups, get started below by taking a look at the various fellowships and small groups that are available for each of the main languages (Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English) represented at SFCC — or simply sign up for more information here.


追光客團契 | Lightchaser Fellowship

負責人: Tai-Chang & Yaling Chen (
地點: 在教會或契友家
聚會時間: 每隔週六晚間6:00
主要契友: 社會新鮮人 & 研究生


校園團契 (SFCF)

負責人: Kevin Chang (
地點: 華大 UW Denny Hall Room 113 教室
聚會時間: 每週五晚間6:30
主要契友: 大學生



負責人: Alvin Hui (
地點: 點在契友家 (在Redmond或Bellevue)
聚會時間: 每週五晚間7點
主要契友: 成年在業者



負責人: 溫明豐 (
地點: 教會本堂
聚會時間: 每週四早晨
主要契友: 已退修者



負責人: 陳秀蘭 (
地點: 每週二早晨在秀蘭姐家 (在 Woodinville)
聚會時間: 每週二早晨
主要契友: 成年在業者或退休者



負責人: 連仁杰 (
地點: 契友家
聚會時間: 兩週一次之週六早晨
主要契友: 成年在業者